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Williston, VT 05495
United States

Vermont Beard & Mustache Company - Vermont beard oil, shave oil, and mustache care products. 

Premium men’s grooming products, as Nature Intended. 100% natural and organic oils handcrafted in small batches. 




In 2014, I decided to share my products with other men who appreciate the value of a well-groomed beard and mustache, and the Vermont Beard & Mustache Company was born. Like craft brewers and artisanal coffee roasters, the Vermont Beard & Moustache Company prepares small batches to ensure superior quality. Not only are our products high-quality, they are also pure. Our natural and organic grooming oils are simply that: oils. They do not contain artificial ingredients, fragrance, fillers, or synthetic preservatives. We’re teaching the world there’s a better way to grow, groom, and maintain manlyhood. Simple and honest—that’s the way we do things around here.

When my wife and I moved to Vermont a few years ago for work, we fell in the love with the Green Mountain State. We took full advantage of Vermont’s outdoor opportunities in all seasons, from hiking and swimming to skiing and snowshoeing, but the constant outdoor exposure took a toll. My razor-burned skin was constantly dry and itching, and my beard had become a rough, wiry mess. The harsh products I was using only made things worse, stripping the natural oils from my skin. I wondered whether it was possible to grow my beard long, the way I wanted it, and at the same time keep it smooth and maintain healthy skin. The answer came in the form of oils, which I began to apply every day. They soothed my skin and strengthened my beard, nourishing its roots. Like magic, with just a few daily drops of oil, my skin and beard were transformed. This small change in my routine not only revolutionized my beard, but also my life.