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Vermont Beard & Mustache Company - Vermont beard oil, shave oil, and mustache care products. 

Premium men’s grooming products, as Nature Intended. 100% natural and organic oils handcrafted in small batches. 


Do you have the best beard in Vermont?


Turn those Whiskers into Wishes with The 2017 BEST BEARD IN VT Contest!

VT BEARD is Co-Sponsoring the MAKE-A-WISH Beard Contest with the World's Most Interesting Man.... HELP us to Spread the word:

You can enter your beard in the contest and share it with your friends. Together we can help fund a wish for a Vermont child with a life-threatening medical condition.

On March 11th the winners of the online round will be invited the 2017 Vermont Beardies at Arts Riot on March 18th. Celebrity judges will include the original Most Interesting Man in the World, Jonathan Goldsmith and Burlington Mayor, Miro Weinberger.

But you don't have to be at the event for your beard to help raise money for wishes. Enter today and share with your friends no matter where you are from...

Together we can turn your whiskers into wishes!

This amazing event is sponsored by Arts RiotFiddlehead Brewing, and The Vermont Beard and Mustache Company for MAKE-A-WISH.


Get your beard ready with some natural, organic Conditioner. 



We've been asked, "What makes us different?" many times. It's a simple answer that starts with our pure, natural & organic ingredients.


Our ingredients are intended to improve your hair and skin. These closely mimic human oil which are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids. They are light, easily absorbed, and nourishing  for skin, scalp, and hair which moisturize and tone. Nothing extra or unneeded is used. This all adds up to helping with acne, eczema, dandruff while conditioning hair and improving skin health.

Pine forest

Pine forest


Our oils are blended with a main carrier oil with the intent of improving your skin & hair with a few drops of precious essential oils for added benefit & natural scent.  The carrier oils vary from light to heavy oil. They are never intended to leave a greasy residue. Leave-on conditioning oils are lighter and emphasize hair, skin improvement. Shaving oil is heaver with an eye for protecting, healing. Essential oils are blended to bring out both scent and natural power. These range from hair growth to inflammation reduction to deodorizing to disinfect to name a few. Our custom blends are designed to be distinct as you put them on, yet subtle enough to not overpower those around you. These scents will bring out the natural world around us, and will take your senses to a world outside your walls from a spruce filled mountain-top peak to the crisp, refreshing, lakeside.

Water droplets captured in botanical garden

Water droplets captured in botanical garden


Carrier Oils

We have engineered our carrier oil blends to mimic your body’s natural oil. Like sebum, the oil your skin produces, the plant- and tree-based oils we use do not leave a build-up because they are quickly and easily absorbed.  They soften skin, reduce inflammation, and lock in moisture—and have been doing so for centuries.



Essential oils lend our products their distinctive, pleasing, and often complex scents, and these oils come with numerous homeopathic benefits too. For centuries, people have been using these potent concentrations of herbs, spices, and botanicals to relax, reduce inflammation, stimulate hair growth, soothe skin, enhance mood, deodorize, and generally disinfect. Oh, and they can repel insects too. How concentrated are essential oils? Imagine 70 lemons reduced to a single drop of oil. That is what we’re talking about.


Vermont Beard and Mustache is here just in time for FALL


Autumn in Vermont is an experience like none other in the World. The changing season of a summer marks a turning point. The warm days on the lake or bluebird sky's on a mountain peak overlooking the Green Mountains quickly turns to fire. The air becomes crisp and the Mountains slowly turn from green to red and orange. 

 Just as we pass the autumnal equinox. October is on the horizon, and we look forward to fall hikes and the Indian summer days before the first snow. Fall also marks the start of Beard Season. If it isn't already part of your life, it will be soon. This is why we've chosen to launch our products today.


After a year in the making, here it is Alpine Trail and Mountain Scent are making their first appearance. Beard Conditioning Oil is now available. We will grow with different product offerings through each season, so check back often and let us know what you want to see next.

We look forward to your business, as we give our dedication and passion to growing this company. Our products are intended to make you better,  and we know you have a choice. In turn we will give back and make the community and make the work a better place.  We choose natural, organic and value the gifts our natural environment has provided.



time for beard conditioning oil

Starting a beard, have a beard, or know someone who does? SPREAD THE WORD



The harsh products I was using only made things worse, stripping the natural oils from my skin. I wondered whether it was possible to grow my beard long, the way I wanted it, and at the same time keep it smooth and maintain healthy skin. 

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Lake Champlain. Enjoying the mountain-view and waterfront inspiration in our home… Burlington VT

Lake Champlain overlooking the Adirondack mountains

Lake Champlain overlooking the Adirondack mountains

We don't have an ocean. We have lakes, mountains, and green trees. This is summer by the lake.


Coming Soon


We still need plenty of help, support, and sharing. We want your beard, mustache and together it will be a glorious union!

 Rain over Lake Champlain

 Rain over Lake Champlain